Saturday, April 2, 2011

Disclaimer key Libyan regime

The spokesman Moammar Gadhafi regime, Ibrahim Musa, confirmed on Thursday the resignation of Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa, and stated that he was allowed to leave the country for medical care in Tunisia. "Kusa asked to travel to Tunisia to undergo medical care and was given permission. Then we found out he decided to resign from office.

It's his personal decision, Libya does not depend on individuals," Ibrahim said during a news conference. Musa Kusa was was deputy foreign minister from 1992 to 1994, then it would take Libya's secret services during the next 15 years and is generally considered one of the most loyal to Gadhafi.

Kusa be in London yesterday to receive medical attention for health problems arising from the critical situation being experienced by Libya. Moreover, the spokesman denied reports that other people like the head of the foreign intelligence service, Abu Zeid Durda, and the head of Parliament, Mohamed Zwei, have deserted and fled the country.

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