Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Gives Green Light to CIA operations in Libya

Teams from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operate inside Libya gathering intelligence to facilitate military attacks, local media revealed. The work of the CIA said it will be crucial once the administration of President Barack Obama has decided to promote the idea of arming the rebels fighting against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Quoting official sources, the daily "The Washington Post and The New York Times" reported that the CIA covert operations were authorized weeks ago by Obama in a secret directive. Additionally, dozens of Army special forces and British spies M16 Agency have been operating in Libya to collect information used in air attacks against military installations.

"The New York Times said the U.S. government's expectation is that the information they collect the CIA, including the location of ammunition dumps, can be used for the same purpose. Meanwhile, "The Washington Post" noted that the directive signed by Obama "may" authorize the CIA to make efforts to arm the rebels Libya, although officials stressed that no final decision has been taken in this regard.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney reiterated that Obama has not taken a decision in response to media reports to that effect, but insisted that all options are on the table. "Not ruling it out. We are evaluating and reviewing options for all types of assistance we can provide to the Libyans.


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