Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Abidjan, "the whole world holds its breath"

From Côte d'Ivoire, Abidjan residents attest to Le Monde. en climate of fear in the Ivorian economic capital encircled by the pro-Ouattara. "Everyone holds his breath," by Charles K. This morning of March 31, I went to work in Treichville with disconcerting ease, in contrast to the usual traffic jams repeatedly in the Ivorian economic capital.

Abidjan is a ghost town today, awaiting the release, or at least the end of this aberration that lasted for four months now. Rumors fly from all sides, the FRCI reportedly arrived in Abidjan last night, others say they are on the northern motorway to within 60 km and advocate a return to the house.

My job is just a few meters from the Republican Guard (which has the name of Republican), I try to stay informed in real time the evolution of the situation, my house was at the Riviera 3 ... What is feared in Abidjan, it is the patriotic armed uncontrollable Liberian mercenaries frightened, looting but also the settling of scores ...

Everyone holds their breath, everyone wants it to stop with the least bloodshed ... But Laurent Gbagbo and his advisers have learned that there are no limits to their violence so we can expect the worst but I believe civil war will not happen ... "Fear has changed sides," by Bernard P. Telephone networks saturated bursts of Kalashnikov fire visible from the Zone 4 [the area where many expatriates live].

The already experienced in 2004. But fear has changed sides. Despite all the anxiety is still present and the heart races faster with each gust or phone call. As and when news of defection of each other, hope that finally all will not end in a bloodbath increases. We all know that tonight is the last night of anguish, but still, it's hard to bear.

The hours seemed an eternity, and there will be revenge that have already started, what is their magnitude? Strongly late. "It was barricaded," by Emma this morning in Abidjan the streets were calm, the side of the Riviera, but after 10 hours everyone has returned, it was barricaded, helicopters constantly flying over the city , and the sounds of weapons too.

The telephone network is saturated, you have to try several times before managing to reach someone. We are all connected to the Internet, Facebook, Abidjan. net where we are staying informed of developments. Many young graduates especially, as I put a lot of hope Ouattara. Many people left in extremis.

My mother board this morning for Paris. The neighboring countries are also attacked. It follows hour by hour and we'll see by tonight. "My daily life is severely affected" by Christopher K. This morning until 10 o'clock the city was still quiet, schools have closed, no buses, public transit does not work, no office or service, and even the markets are almost empty.

People are holed up at home and await the imminent arrival of the troops reported to pro-Ouattara corridors north and south of the economic capital, Abidjan. People who feel threatened by mass fled Abidjan and others for their own comfort have also fled. My daily life is seriously affected because I work on large commune of Abobo and 2 months since I'm unemployed ...

and look near the end I hope to resume my professional activities. The whole city is ready to receive an instant to the other forces pro-Ouattara, indeed friends joined SDS inform us that the order was given to certain bodies (police and CeCOS [Command Centre Operations safety]) to return to barracks ...

What surprises me personally it is the psychological rallying the neighborhood and the average citizen in general to the cause of Alassane Ouattara, in effect at the beginning of the post-election crisis and the positions were decided as and when information on Media TV, Internet and other opposition newspapers, people have lowered the tone and agreed to speak what was unimaginable only a few weeks ago.

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