Saturday, April 2, 2011

Increase to 11 thousand 800 people dead in Japan quake

The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 rose today to 11 000 800, while another 15 thousand 540 people remain missing, according to the latest tally of Japan's police. In Miyagi province, one of the most affected, there were seven thousand 192 dead and there is more than six thousand 300 missing, in the neighboring Iwate 456 was three thousand dead and 500 missing about four thousand, and 92 thousand people died Fukushima and more than four thousand 600 without trace.

The Japanese army, backed by U.S. soldiers, coastguards and police, has launched a major air and sea operation to retrieve the greatest number of missing after the earthquake and tsunami. In the search involved 28 000 U.S. troops in Japan and that only 32 bodies recovered yesterday, Friday, on the first day of the mission, which runs until Sunday.

It is expected that Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, visit today Rikuzentakata town in Iwate and devastated by the tsunami three weeks ago, where evacuees will visit and meet with local authorities. The Prime Minister departed from Tokyo by helicopter early today in addition to a stop at a base in Fukushima, about 20 kilometers from the Daiichi nuclear plant, to meet with military officers involved in efforts to control plant.

Work on the nuclear power plant, which was severely damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on 11, focus on highly radioactive drain water flooding some areas and difficult operations, and in reactivating the cooling system of the reactors .

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