Saturday, April 2, 2011

Radiation prevents recover bodies in nuclear plant

Nearly three weeks after a powerful earthquake and massive tsunami that damaged the northeastern coast of Japan, thousands of people still waiting on the whereabouts of their loved ones and yesterday had a painful response. Press report it suggests that the bodies of his family, located near the nuclear plant in Fukushima paralyzed, can not be recovered due to fear of radiation.

The authorities may not be able to recover some of the corpses, the victims of the earthquake of 9.0 magnitude and subsequent tsunami on 11 March, within the evacuation zone 20 miles around the plant stalled because high levels of radiation. Nobody knows exactly how many bodies have been recovered within the evacuation zone.

Police said Fukushima Prefecture, who failed to recover a body, that of a man in the town of Okuma, after detection of high levels of radiation in the area. They could not move, had to leave under one roof, authorities reported. CNN

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