Saturday, April 2, 2011

Libyan rebels gain ground

Libyan rebels managed to gain ground on the "gadafistas, which have retreated 40 kilometers west of Brega, and remained in possession of this city, located 200 km west of Benghazi. The rebel spokesman Mohamed Mergirby said that "the forces of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadhafi, is 40 miles west of Brega, which is under rebel control." Mergirby explained that the insurgents have changed military strategy between yesterday and today, and there are now members of the army fighting on the front line, while the second line are the volunteer militia.

The rebel representative said this morning at 04:00 GMT international coalition aircraft bombed positions of the mercenaries from Chad who came in support of Gadhafi troops Hum Area, south of the country. Just yesterday, the military spokesman of the revolutionaries, Omar Ahmed Bany, found that between three thousand and three thousand 600 200 soldiers from Chad's Republican Guard forces were backing of Gadhafi.

Mergirby predicted that tomorrow Gadhafi troops to be withdrawn should be withdrawn about 100 kilometers east of Sirte, while the revolutionary reach 360 km west of Benghazi, where they stop to rest and regroup.

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