Wednesday, March 30, 2011

United States cut short role in Libya

.- The United States will reduce its military role in the no-fly zone in Libya next or the next few weeks, as other nations begin to focus on how to facilitate the departure of Moammar Gadhafi's country, senior officials in Washington said Sunday. In television interviews, the secretaries of State and Defense of United States raised the possibility that the Gaddafi regime could secede.

The officials added that during a conference held Tuesday in London to discuss political strategies to end the mandate of 41 years of Gadhafi in the oil-exporting nation in northern Africa. United States and other countries began to bomb Libya on March 19, seeking to impose an air exclusion zone and prevent Gadhafi forces continue to attack rebels and civilians in the east, the last Arab nation living uprisings against regimes authoritarian.

Libyan rebels have recovered parts of western forces abandoned by Gadhafi, who have been weakened by Western air strikes which according to the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, being unable to move arms. "His ability to move arms, to advance to Benghazi or a place like that, removed very well, "Gates told the ABC program" This Week "in one of three joint interviews recorded on Saturday with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Both officials spoke of a political push to try to find a way to disempower Gadhafi, saying that this effort has been gathering momentum and it is possible that closer to Gadhafi, even in the army, again against him. "A Starting this week, or next week or so, we will begin to reduce the resources (military) who are committed to this, "Gates said the program" Meet the Press "of the BBC, adding that President Barack Obama ruled out deploying U.S.

ground troops in Libya.

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