Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chavez received in Argentina Rodolfo Walsh Prize

BUENOS AIRES, Mar. 30 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been in Argentina Rodolfo Walsh Prize - awarded by the Faculty of Journalism at the University of La Plata - to "strengthen Latin American unity, to defend human rights and be consistent with the truth and democratic values. " "I get dressed in the costume of the greatest humility in receiving this prestigious award, I do not feel for me but for the people of Venezuela, for the people of Simon Bolivar, Chavez said during his speech at the event.

Chavez confessed to being shocked by the demonstrations of affection received during his two-day visit to Argentina, while hundreds of students and representatives of the Peronist movement and chanted slogans chanted folk songs. "I receive and I dedicate it to the name of a sister nation, which for years has fought for and what is achieved, the Venezuelan people, a new dynamic of communication, information, free popular media dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and imperialism" Bolivarian leader said.

Chavez spent the prestigious "peoples fighting for true freedom, against cultural colonialism, against imperialist domination and hegemony, neoliberal, capitalist media against dictatorship." The delivery of the "Premio Rodolfo Walsh, president of Latin American popular communication" aroused much controversy in the media and opposition groups in Argentina, which during the visit of Chavez questioned the political model and even denounced alleged human rights violations committed during his government.

The dean of the School of Journalism at the University of La Plata, Florence Saintout, repeatedly defended the committee's decision to grant this distinction to the Venezuelan leader, believing that his political work has contributed to the union of South American countries. "Here we are the people to increase commitments to a president who has put into question the idea that the word could have it only a few, and the popular media is a matter for those who were silenced for centuries," he said in remarks to Saintout the media.

COME TO URUGUAY Chavez arrived on Tuesday night (early Wednesday in Spain) to Montevideo to continue his tour of the region. When leaving the plane in Uruguayan territory, the president stressed the need to strengthen the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which looks like "a girl" that should "consolidate".

"Let this not happen again military coups, disappearances, killings, persecution, repression, invasions, empires. United, free and in peace," said the Venezuelan leader told the media. Chavez's tour, which began Monday in Argentina, will continue on Wednesday in Montevideo where he will meet with his Uruguayan counterpart, José Mujica.

His next destination will be Bolivia and Colombia, where he also has planned meetings with their counterparts in those countries and senior officials.

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