Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rebels recovered two key oil facilities in Libya

Libyan rebels on Sunday recovered two major oil complexes and moved to the west of the country, taking advantage of international air attacks tipped the balance in his favor against the forces of Moammar Gadhafi. The seaside resorts of Ras Lanuf and Brega were responsible for much of the 1.5 million barrels of crude exported Libya.

Exports have almost stopped since the uprising began on 15 February and was inspired by the overthrow of governments in Tunisia and Egypt. The finance chief of the rebels said that Qatar agreed to sell oil to the opposition, but so far no one knows how to work the deal, even if there is oil, and foreign workers who know the process fled the country when they started armed clashes.

"We trust them, so I will be selling our oil to our name," Ali told The Associated Press Tarhuni Friday. "There are no words to describe what (Qatar) has for the sake Libya." Qatar is the only Arab country that has actively joined the international force in Libya. In the front east of Ras Lanuf, apparently air strikes against three carriers were unloaded tanks.

"There was no resistance. Gadhafi forces just vanished," said Ibrahim Suleiman, a volunteer of 31 years old, sitting in the back of a truck. "This would not have been possible without NATO. They gave us great support," he added. The Security Council authorized the operation to protect civilians after Gadhafi Libyan launched attacks against antigovernment protesters who demanded that he resign after 42 years in power.

"As they move along the coast, of course, the rebels control each again points out the oil from Libya ", said Defence Secretary Liam Fox told BBC television. "That will produce a very dynamic and very different balance in Libya. Remains to be seen how it will develop it in terms of public opinion and the Gadhafi regime," he added.

For his part, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates United States said Sunday that the international intervention appeared to be a success and that the air exclusion zone was implemented "with much less effort than it took to declare it." Gadhafi's regime acknowledged Saturday that air strikes have forced his troops to withdraw and has accused the international forces to act with partiality.

"This is the coalition's goal now is not to protect the civilians because they are fighting now directly against the armed forces, "said Khaled Kaim, Deputy Foreign Minister in the capital Tripoli. Fox denied that the international force has the goal to overthrow Gadhafi: "The loss of Gadhafi is an aspiration, is not part of the UN resolution," he said.

Also ruled out supplying weapons to insurgents. "We are not arming the rebels. We do not plan to arm the rebels," he said.

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