Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Censorship hides reality after earthquake in Burma

Those affected by the earthquake in Burma (Myanmar) on Thursday, need water and food, while there is a widespread view that the rescue of victims would be faster with appropriate means. However, the Burmese media, all controlled by the state, informing people of the situation under control and humanitarian assistance operations in progress.

Also, keep the same number on Saturday from 73 dead, 125 injured and 224 houses, 11 religious centers and nine government buildings collapsed. In Thailand there was another fatality, a woman who died while sleeping when a wall collapsed on top. The Office of Humanitarian Aid (OCHA) estimates with information from UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations operating in the area that the number affected is around 110 000 500 (95 000 in Tachilek, nine thousand and six thousand Tarlay 500 to Mong Lin), while the Burmese authorities so far ignored this fact.

The newspaper "The New Light of Myanmar" to be edited in the English language that regularly uses the military regime to publish their messages to the international community, devoted its front page of the Sunday edition of the swift and effective response of the regime. But the population ensures that there are more disaster presented by the media.

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