Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bin Laden and the plots of antiamerikanisti

Piazzale Loreto, 29 April 1945: I was not born yet, but I know what happened and I know that I participated in the celebrations - the barbarians, instinctive, and justified the people - for the murder of Mussolini and the exposure of his body to the crowd. I celebrated the exposure of the body not for personal hatred towards the man Benito Mussolini, as of hatred against the political leader and inventor of a dictatorship and bloody.

That's why when the May 2, 2011 Barack Obama announced the killing of the head of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, I've heard in a gesture of satisfaction, a sense of justice done. Yet I have not been directly affected by its massacres against the Twin Towers in New York on 11 September 2001.

I have been touched indirectly through media exposure on television. I was completing a summer internship at the magazine International, and was at work in the newsroom. It was a surreal afternoon Roman one, with motorists who give up the car in the street to enter the shops and watching "the attack on America," the towers on fire, and those bodies, those bodies of innocent desperate found themselves having to choose between a slow death in the flames or the last step of the penny from their life plan.

I remember those pictures to me, there is no need for once YouTube. Remember me and remember me for the rest of my days. The emotional, the whole world is not closed tightly on the fundamentalist side of the United States of America. The conspiracy theories like "the CIA is behind it all" would come later.

When Barack Obama announced the killing of Bin Laden are now lots of theories "complot-late," that have come up with imaginative questions like, "I do not think they killed mica," "Why not show the pictures of the body "," How come they say they have thrown the corpse into the sea and going away.

As heard on the radio one of the samples of these theories, the colleague Giulietto Church, explaining his sensational doubt, I thought, "Well, if the White House really fools are so widespread as to have a false story of this size, is an opportunity Golden Al-Qaeda and put the lie to make him lose all credibility.

Just Bin Laden appears in video, with a post-newspaper May 2, 2011 in hand, denounces the 'vile lie of the stupid American president'. " Sure enough, Bin Laden has not been seen in video, and in the face of a series of communications from the mess of the White House (with the change of various versions about what most likely was summarily executed the head of the enemy) at the end came the official announcement of his Al-Qaeda: "Bin Laden is dead." End-of complot theories of late, one would hope.

But no. Giulietto Church - which now has changed his mind about the death of Bin Laden - will not give up and he continues to blame Barack Obama and those Americans who celebrated the killing of bin Laden. But heck, Juliet is one thing to get angry if someone celebrates the killing of 3000 innocent, another outraged if someone is celebrating the killing of the mind that it organized the 3000 massacre of civilians.

How do you put the two on the same plane? Ezio Mauro, wrote that we Europeans would have preferred to see Bin Laden a fair trial under international. But under the law, a "fair trial" is one where you enter with the presumption of innocence and you are not guilty until proof to the contrary.

Only it would not have existed a neutral judge or a jury against Bin Laden in the United States. And maybe, chance, even in the West. You would then have to organize a process in Pakistan, or even in Afghanistan, with a jury composed also by Taliban fundamentalists, to be its fair fair.

These dreams, these, and perhaps not so ideal. Because Bin Laden was the enemy of the Duce and died during an act of war, it was not made in New York. He was tried for ten years, found, arrested and killed. Just like Mussolini. And the people he has helped to suffer has enjoyed a happiness barbara, instinctive, and justified the people, just like that of April 29, 1945.

It does not seem to have heard the voice of Giulietto Church stand against the partisans at Dongo that they shot Duce, nor against those who rejoiced in the anti-fascists during his speech to his feet. We want to talk about?

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