Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Afghanistan: Taliban threaten a Canadian hostage

The Taliban have threatened to try to spy a young Canadian to hold hostage in Afghanistan and they have exhibited in a video received by the media Sunday evening. The date of abduction by Colin Rutherford, 26, in Ghazni province, a stronghold of Islamist insurgents in Central, is unclear, but the Canadian government had confirmed his death in February, saying he was visiting Afghanistan's tourists.

Colin Rutherford appears clean-shaven in a video received by Sunday night to the media in Afghanistan, accompanied by a press Zabihullah Mujahed, the chief spokesman of the Taliban. The hostage answers questions posed by a man who does not appear on the screen, ensuring in particular: "I was treated humanely." Questioned by his captors on the reasons for its presence in Afghanistan, he replied: "History, historical sites, ruins, tombs." He denied working for the Canadian government.

The Taliban "ask once again the Canadian government to take immediate steps to resolve this problem, otherwise the hostages will be tried," we read in the press Mujahed. When they claimed his abduction, the Taliban had accused him of spying for the Canadian authorities. The Canadian Foreign Ministry simply stated on Sunday that he "was aware that the Taliban had issued a statement which contained a link to a video.

"Colin Rutherford, a Canadian citizen, has been missing in Afghanistan where he traveled as a tourist," the statement said. The kidnapping of Western nationals are common in Afghanistan, aid workers and journalists are the main targets. In almost all cases, the kidnappers - whether a group of bandits or insurgents, Taliban or others - including demanding high ransoms.

Two French journalists the public television channel France 3 and are held hostage for more than sixteen months in a province northwest of Kabul.

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