Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rescued 56 immigrants who worked as slaves in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES, 10 May. The Argentine authorities have rescued 56 immigrants, including three children, who were working in slavery in several textile mills located in the province of Buenos Aires (east). Nine people have been arrested for these acts. Immigrants - 44 Paraguayans and 12 Bolivians - made jeans in seven homes with small dimensions, situated in the district of Buenos Aires district Paraguayans Tres de Febrero.

"They were forbidden to go out, in many cases they retained the document and lived in overcrowded conditions in beds next to textile machinery, sources have said the investigation, quoted by the newspaper 'El Argentino'. However, the same sources have indicated that some immigrants have expressed discomfort with this operation, since the salary they received was far greater than their countries of origin, although it was small compared with the Argentine.

This operation has involved troops from the gendarmerie, which has provided 25 motor vehicles and a helicopter, and the secretariats of Migration and Trafficking in Persons, linked to the Ministry of Justice.

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