Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latin America .- Spanish animated television close agreements with Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador

MADRID, 10 May. Imira Entertainment, a Spanish company leader in audiovisual production and distribution specializing in child and youth content, has signed several agreements of its catalog in Latin America, with sales in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador. In Brazil, preschool series produced by Imira, Vitaminix (104X2 *) and Saari (39X3 *) have been sold to-air channel Canal Futura.

Also, TV Cultura, also free TV, has acquired the fiction series' Wicked Science '(52x26'), produced by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, FFC, Film Victoria, Network Ten and ZDF Enterprises. 'Wicked Science' has been sold to Channel 7 in Argentina, along with the animated series "Corneil & Bernie '(52x13 *) of Millimages.

In Ecuador, Imira series has sold three commercial television RTV, the series' Millimages Bugged '(52x7 *) and' Monk '(52x3') and Breakthrough Entertainment Series' Dino Dan '(52X11 * + 1x22). With these agreements, Imira Entertainment strengthens its presence in the Latin American market and put more value on the Spanish industry of animation.

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