Sunday, July 3, 2011

The waitress accused of sexual assault Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not credible because it is a proven liar

She has lied in the request for asylum from Guinea to the United States. She lied by telling of being beaten by the soldiers of the regime. She lied saying that her husband died there of starvation and violence in prison.

She lied about gang rape that would have been in Africa for a gang. She even lied to denouncing one more child for tax deductions in the U.S.. And he lied to the grand jury reconstructing his movements after the alleged rape at the Sofitel. "Finally," reads the letter that the prosecutor in Manhattan has sent lawyers to the French, Ben Brefman and William Taylor, to warn them of the turning point "in the course of this investigation has lied to investigators on several other cases that relate to its history, to its past, present circumstances and his personal relationships.

" Conclusion of the rite, the letter: "Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry." Do not hesitate? Now that DSK is a semi-free man would wonder what is left of this investigation. Yet the prosecution insists the maid lied but the charges remain. And Michael Obus, the judge who released from prison Strauss-Kahn 153 Franklin Golden, said that "there is no rush to arrive at an opinion: the process goes forward." With such accusations? With those doubts? The assault claimed to be the maid came to clean the suite, they have found the door open, he had asked permission, and that she was naked in front of Strauss-Kahn, who closed the door after he first tried to rape her in the room bed and then abused her causing her to oral sex in the bathroom.

The defense, without entering into a discussion of the details, always argued that "the evidence does not involve violence." If there was sex, it was consensual. The evidence of the maid's lawyer, Ken Thompson, has spoken of "medical and legal tests", penetrating the bloodiest in detail yesterday.

Strauss-Kahn had "grabbed her breast and began to attack her, harassing her vagina so hard that hurt: the nurses of the hospital saw the wounds and the prosecution has all the photos." When the French would have pushed to the ground, would have "broken a ligament of the shoulder", so much so that now needs surgery.

The lawyer then describes the escape violence after the alleged oral slipped the door, "began to spit the seeds of Strauss-Kahn for the entire room, walls and floor." These would also hear evidence from a grand jury, which decided for the process. "This woman has definitely made mistakes but that does not mean that it is not a victim of violence," he said, announcing that soon will be out in the open to tell the truth.

Perjury Ophelia has lied under oath but also to the grand jury, a crime that could cost up to 5 years. He confessed that, contradicting the version given to the jury, which first is to clean another room, then returned to clean up just the 2608 Strauss-Kahn, and only then reported the alleged violence.

Ophelia was the double life was described as a Muslim, always veiled, single mother of 32 years with a daughter of 16. Many photos provided by investigators show the SDK but the waitress as he drinks and smokes. And the fact that he lived in a house in the Bronx for people with HIV has raised doubts about his sexual conduct.

To have political asylum had invented the story of violence and persecution can not read or write, was a "friend" to fill out applications and make them memorize the version recorded on a cassette. Recycling The political refugee, says the New York Times actually had contact with a gang of smugglers.

In the last two years in its 100 thousand U.S. dollar account rain from Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York. Investigators suspect money laundering. It pays hundreds of dollars each month to various telephone companies. I know nothing of those stores, she says, were made by my boyfriend.

In the phone call within 24 hours of complaint Ophelia call a friend in jail for marijuana and the two discuss the "advantages" that can jump out from the episode. They are the same investigators, private detectives and not the French, to come across the phone call that opens the most disturbing questions.

Yet, despite the woman was practically in the custody of the prosecution, to avoid possible to retract bids men Strauss-Kahn, the alarm is triggered not by the interception of his telephone, says the Nouvel Obs, but that of the smuggler. The attorney we'll be in the last question. The discovery of the call is 15 days ago but the attorney has waited until now.

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