Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Flotilla: Greek police arrested the captain of auxiliary ship

The Greek police have arrested the captain of a ship that transported the goods to Gaza should be banned. The captain of the ship's "Audacity of Hope" was trying to leave the port without permission and he has endangered the lives of his passengers, it was said by the Greek Coast Guard.

The "Audacity of Hope" with 36 passengers and four crew members and ten representatives of the media on board should be phased out along with other ships in the coming days towards the Gaza Strip. The Greek authorities had already announced in advance that ships would be forbidden with this objective, the drop from Greek ports.

The flotilla with activists from the U.S., France and Canada will bring 3,000 tons of banned goods into Gaza, including cement, fertilizer and medicine. This should be the closure of the Palestinian territory by Israel breached demonstrative. Of the originally planned 15 ships with 1500 passengers probably less than ten ships with around 350 passengers will be there.

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