Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gaza Flotilla, "Who has done this, if not the Mossad?"

Sabotage accusations and rumors about deadly sulfur: The new Gaza Hilfsflottille want in a few days break from Greece. Between activists and Israel's propaganda battle is in full swing. When the Irish Department of the motor yacht "Saoirse" in the Turkish port of Gocek got out of the water, because they already had an inkling that something was amiss.

On land, the damage could easily recognize: The axis on the starboard propeller was sawed or filed in. The MV "Saoirse" is the second ship that wanted to participate in the flotilla to Gaza - and suddenly, miraculously suffered propeller damage. Fared quite similar to it on Monday the ship moored in Piraeus "iano" on the Greeks, Swedes and Norwegians go to Gaza.

Again, a portion of the propeller was likely sawed off by divers. "This is a surgical operation of professionals," said a spokesman for the flotilla. "Who could have done that, if not the Mossad?" "If we had not made a short trip across the bay, then we would have gone with such a dangerously damaged propeller shaft of the sea and the boat could sink if the hull was breached," said Fintan Lane, the coordinator of the Irish ship, in an opinion.

He accused Israel of sabotaging. "This was a potentially murderous act" The captain of the boat is certain: "The willful damage was such that the ship would have sunk under normal conditions at sea." Still, the flotilla, which wants to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, a thousand miles from her destination.

But the war of propaganda, sabotage and the recriminations have already begun. Alarming group briefing for the Israeli press, the passengers of the MV "Saoirse" accuse Israel international terrorism - the sabotage of the ship, the death of Irish people had been risked. They tell of raids in the streets of Piraeus, mobile phones were stolen.

And in port are curious fishermen have emerged, which cast their fishing without bait in the dirty harbor. However, Israel is trying to demonize the activists as violent extremists. Of a "hate-flotilla," says army chief, Benny Gantz. The activists wanted to "confrontation and blood," says Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, on board a "hard core of terrorist activists." On Tuesday made the three major Israeli newspapers with the headline, the flotilla passengers had to kill the target, soldiers.

They refer to "senior officials" as sources. The most serious charge: Some activists were planning to "bags of sulfur" to bring on board. "This is a chemical weapon if the sulfur is poured at a soldier can paralyze him that," writes the "Jerusalem Post". "If the sulfur is then set on fire, then the soldier shines bright as a lamp." And even the more left-wing "Haaretz" an anonymous representative of the army was quoted as saying: "The emerging picture is that some participants to create the flotilla it clear to a confrontation." It seems as if the army held an alarming group briefing for the Israeli press.

Two days does it take to start some of the journalists to make these warnings in question. In the "bags of sulfur" Whether they are fertilizer, writes, "Yedioth Achronoth". Israel has banned the importation of fertilizer in the Gaza Strip, as well as fertilizer for the production of missiles and bombs can be used - but this is hardly necessary, because in the meantime get enough explosives through tunnels into Gaza.

The flotilla will bring 3,000 tons of banned goods into Gaza, including cement, fertilizer and even medicine. That it can be used as a weapon against soldiers, is doubtful. For the passengers would have to dump a bag of a soldier and then burn - unlikely for heavily armed soldiers who would shoot as soon as they approached one of the activists.

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