Sunday, July 3, 2011

Strauss-Kahn returned free But the case remains open

 The former director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is no longer under house arrest. Although the criminal charges against him remain standing. The measure was revoked today during the hearing before the Criminal Court Judge Michael Obus French economist and was put on probation.

A Strauss-Kahn will now be refunded filed - one million dollars in cash plus the title of a house in the suburbs of Washington, estimated at 5 million - but not the passport. The breakthrough came 48 hours from the revelations that have cast a different shadow on the credibility of the maid who was accused of sexual assault Strauss-Kahn, who would have lied.

VIDEO - PHOTO Prosecutor ready to review. The prosecutors, accepting the demands of the defendants have agreed to the release. The case is not closed and the next hearing will be held July 18 as scheduled, although the evidence to support prosecution vacillanno more and according to rumors, everything could be over before that date.

The court today recognized that the circumstances "have changed in substance." And in another twist, the attorney Cyrus Vance announced that the alleged victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has admitted to having lied in the preliminary hearings. The lies are set to include rape by a woman in Africa and the fact that they have immediately reported the alleged abuse suffered by the French politician, but in the meantime to have clean other rooms in the hotel where he works.

The prosecution is now ready to review the entire case, to evaluate the possibility of a new accusatory system. "There's no hurry in arriving at a decision. We will continue to investigate and review the matter in a way apprpriato" in the light of a new plant indictment, the judge said.

Strauss-Kahn in court with his wife. Smiling, visibly more relaxed, Strauss-Kahn was presented in court with his wife Anne Sinclair for the hearing convened by surprise in the final hours, after heavy doubts have emerged about the reliability of his accuser, admitted today in court by the judge Obus.

A few minutes away, out of court, with his hand on the shoulder of his partner. From today, the man accused of rape against a waitress at the luxurious Sofitel Hotel in Manhattan, ended up at the center of a scandal that cost him the leadership of the prestigious financial institution, is no longer obligated to remain in the luxury loft in Tribeca, but is free to move anywhere in the United States.

Legal Ophelia: the facts do not change. One of the lawyers of the woman, call Ophelia by the media, said that nothing changes with respect to the facts alleged to Strauss-Kahn: Kenneth Thompson has confirmed that the waitress was raped and that talking about consensual sex, as will the defense of political French, "is a lie", but at the same time admitting that she has "made mistakes".

In fact, the castle of accusations began to crumble since yesterday, after the revelation by the New York Times of contacts between the 32 year old woman of African origin with people involved in drug trafficking and money laundering and, more importantly, a telephone hot: in the same day that there would rape the maid phoned a friend who was in prison with which he discussed the possible "benefits" of that meeting at the Sofitel.

The phone call was recorded. And the man is part of a group of people who have paid into the account the girl's mother Africa 100 thousand dollars in two years. Deposits that come from Georgia, from Arizona, also from Pennsylvania and New York. She would later fall in contradiction several times and seems to have lied about the alleged request for asylum for a strupr suffered in Africa: there is no trace.

The former French economy minister had admitted having a sexual relationship with a waitress, but had always insisted it was consensual, which makes the woman the only one able to support before a judge who had tried in vain to resist. The New York Attorney Vance seems to have realized that, in a close inter-comparison, the French economist fierce legal team would make it to pieces.

Defense Strauss-Kahn: Giant steps, will be acquitted. "We made a giant step," he said as he left the court after the hearing of a Strauss-Kahn's lawyers, Benjamin Brafman, who already claiming victory: "We think now that the next step is to free all of Dominique allegations, "he added. In France, the relief of the Socialists.

The turning point in the case that has been for weeks on the front pages of every newspaper arrives like an earthquake in France, where it could, to surprise, to reopen the race for the Elysee games, before his arrest that he saw Strauss-Kahn as favorite. For socialists the news is a relief and left in fibrillation for the possible return of LDK: July 13: Deadline for submission of applications for primarily social in October.

For now, the favorites were Martine Aubry and Francois Hollande. The latter has already said he hopes that the charges be withdrawn and Aubry said he hoped that American justice "to establish the truth tonight in order to allow Dominique out of this nightmare." Silence instead of center-right UMP party in President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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