Sunday, July 3, 2011

Victory of "yes" to the constitutional referendum in Morocco

Moroccans voted on Friday by an overwhelming majority for "yes" to the referendum on the draft constitutional revision. Over 98% of voters voted for "yes" in 94% of polling stations, said Interior Minister of Morocco, Taib Cherkaoui. The latter also indicated that the participation rate reached 72.65%.

The referendum, the first of King Mohammed VI came to power in 1999, strengthened the powers of the Prime Minister and Parliament, while preserving the political and religious supremacy of the monarch. The positive outcome of voting was seen by observers as "acquired". The draft constitution aims to "strengthen the pillars of constitutional monarchy, democratic, parliamentary and social", said Mohammed VI in a speech to the nation on June 17 The Prime Minister, from the winning party in elections, will be able to dissolve the House of Representatives, which was the only attribute of the king before the proposed reforms, includes the text.

Open to over 13 million Moroccans, the voting took place until the evening in the 40,000 offices in place, including the Western Sahara. M. Cherkaoui, held that "the referendum was conducted in a calm atmosphere which showed the degree of interaction between the people and the content of the draft constitution." "Young people under 35 represent 30% of voters," he added.

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