Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Argentina for the first time gives citizenship to a person born in the Falkland Islands

BUENOS AIRES, 15 Jun. The son of a British veteran of the Falklands War - took place in 1982 - has become the first person born in the archipelago to receive a national of Argentina, a fact that has been held by the Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. James Peck, a painter of 43 years, received Tuesday his hands DNI Fernandez de Kirchner in an emotional ceremony that commemorated the 29 years of defeat by British troops during the war in which Argentina lost sovereignty Falkland Islands.

Peck is the son a soldier who fought on the British side during that war. Since 2006 lives in Buenos Aires with his family. "I spent many things over his head, my life is here, with my kids and my friends," said the Argentine citizen now speaking to the media after receiving her passport.

Peck described as "absurd" the conflict "between" the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands from Argentina. "A lot of people there (in the archipelago) did not understand why I wanted to be an Argentine citizen. To me it seems a great country," said told the local newspaper 'Página/12'. For his part, Fernandez de Kirchner, who just days ago confirmed his intention to sit down and negotiate with Britain, welcomed the fact that he was a descendant of the first British Falklands in becoming an Argentine citizen.

"We're all together under the same flag, without aggression, without hatred and without rancor, because ultimately both about as others have been victims of the most terrible evil of civilization: the war," said the president. The event was held at the heliport now Roberto Mario Fiorito, opened on Tuesday was named after the only helicopter pilot in Argentina that killed the soldiers in the war of 1982.

The deceased soldier's parents shared with Peck during this historic event.

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