Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barack Obama called for the resignation of Anthony Weiner

After two weeks of scandal, Anthony Weiner, 46, Democratic Representative from New York to Congress in Washington, Sunday, June 12 announced that it would take a few days off. The political class, unanimous, including Obama, now claims his resignation. Mr. Weiner is accused of using Twitter and Facebook to flirt hard with a half-dozen young women, including activists, democrats, while he is married and his wife is pregnant.

Once the dialogue initiated on the political terrain, Mr. Weiner contrived to slip innuendo increasingly sexual. Then he sent him pictures of scantily clad, to show his chest, or a close up of her panties swollen with an erection. In late May, following a wrong move, he let out one of these pictures on his public Twitter stream, so he wanted to send private message to one of his admirers.

Panicked, he erases the message and all his photos from Yfrog (site associated with Twitter), but it's too late. His first instinct is to lie. He says his Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked by a hacker or malicious facetious, which would have been targeted because, in American slang, "weiner" means penis: "Apparently, the joke about the only weiner goes out of style ever.

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