Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bacterium, boy dies in Germany victims in Europe are now 37

The epidemic caused by the bacterium E. coli for the first time has caused the death of a child, two years, native of northern Germany. The deaths, announced by the local authorities in Europe brings to 37 the number of deaths caused by a bacteria killer. So far the youngest victim was 20 years.

The baby is dead last night in the hospital in Hanover, in Lower Saxony. All the victims were German except for a Swedish woman, died after returning from Germany. In total there are more than 3,000 people ill in 15 countries. Meanwhile, traces of Escherichia coli have been found in lettuce, reports Der Spiegel.

According to the German weekly, identified the strain seems to be related to the epidemic that has spread panic in Europe. The new discovery suggests that the shoots may not be the only source of contamination. After weeks of uncertainty, the German authorities on Friday identified the source of contamination in the sprouts (of various legumes, including soybeans) coming from the biological Gaertnerhof to Bienenbuettel, northern Germany, now closed.

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