Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Atomic Energy Commission says that the ashes of Puyehue are not harmful to health

BUENOS AIRES, 14 Jun. The National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA) reported Tuesday that the volcano ejected ash Puyehue not contain "substances" that may be harmful to health, "such as sulfur or arsenic" , so that the government has appealed for calm to the people of the south, which for more than a week have had to endure the aftermath of the eruption of volcano in Chile.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled in recent days at the two airports in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and at major air terminals in Brazil as a result of the ash cloud that has hampered the visibility of the airspace in Argentina and Uruguay. Operations in the capitals of the two countries remain suspended until further notice.

Still in the cities of Patagonia you can see a thick gray cloud from the volcano in Chile, while the ash is still falling but with less intensity. On the streets you can see people wearing glasses and masks to avoid breathing the fumes given off by the Peyehue. The material characterization study, which was requested by the Ministry of Federal Planning, was held in the city of Bariloche (south).

The research was carried out by technicians of the Centro Atomico Bariloche, CNEA, official news agency Telam. The ash from the volcanic complex Puyehue-Cordón Caulle are made of "silicon, aluminum, potassium, calcium, iron, titanium, magnesium, sodium and a small amount, chlorine," said Liliana Mogni, member of the Materials Characterization Group of the CNEA.

"We did not detect the presence of substances that affect health such as sulfur or arsenic," nor "cristobalite (a variant volcanic quartz), as with the Chaiten Volcano in 2008, which is one of the most harmful fractions causing lung problems and breathing, "he said. CRISIS IN THE PATAGONIA The area most affected by the activity of Puyehue is Argentina.

Southern cities like Bariloche, staying for ten days covered by a gray blanket of ash and rain has invaded rivers and lakes, affecting farming and tourism. The ash cloud is installed on Monday on Lake Nahuel Huapi, affecting the cities of Bariloche (province of Black River) and Villa La Angostura (Neuquén), and also turned to the east, covering the whole southern region Télam accurate.

The Government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has launched an emergency plan in southern Iraq to assist the most affected sectors such as agriculture, and the residents of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the rain of ash and heavy rainfall have fallen in recent days.

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