Thursday, June 16, 2011

London 2012: Hundreds of Olympic tickets went on Gaddafi clan

British fighter jets bombed targets in Libya almost daily by those in power Gaddafi - tolerates but probably soon be the land of the despot's henchmen in the middle of London: The regime has received hundreds of tickets for the Olympic Games, held in 2012 in the British capital. London - It will be a sports event of superlatives, but the Olympics threatens London 2012 unpleasant political implications: Hundreds of tickets for sports events have gone to the regime of Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi, on Wednesday confirmed a spokeswoman for the Olympic organizing committee .

There were "few hundred tickets" to the Libyan National Olympic Committee awarded. This could pass the cards around to athletes and sports organizations, LOCOG said the spokeswoman. A report by the Telegraph of nearly a thousand cards was discussed. President of the Libyan Olympic Committee is Mohammad al-Qaddafi, the oldest son of the ruler.

However, leaders Gaddafi is not likely to sit in London's Olympic Stadium when the games are opened. Gaddafi is subject to a ban on entry to the UK. By the EU were also against other important members of the Gaddafi regime imposed travel bans. There is also no evidence that Gaddafi and his sons want to travel to the Olympic Games.

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