Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spain, indignados leave the streets to go to the barrios

It's continues along the road, one that goes step by step. For nearly a month this is the content of the speeches that rise from the streets of indignados.

Leaving the Puerta del Sol, several hundred protesters marching through the center of the capital until the seat of the Congress of Deputies. This was followed by the memories of nearly a month of living together: "And 'here that I learned to work with others and especially to think collectively. 

Even in Barcelona, the indignados are slowly leaving the garrison to the Plaza Catalunya, where, however, will in all probability a fixed location to provide information to citizens interested in participating in the movement. "We look to Iceland - says Pau, Catalan students - and the Icelanders who are rewriting the Constitution.

The people have spoken and have a say. " To tell the essence of the "revolution" democratic in Iceland, Barcelona have landed two militants of the "associations of citizens against the debt" in Reykjavík. I am among those who are committed to bring the bankers in Iceland before the court, refusing to pay for the financial crisis.

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