Monday, June 20, 2011

Yemen's army strikes down 13 members of Al Qaeda

Thirteen suspected al Qaeda and two soldiers were killed in fighting in the city of Zinjibar, in South Yemen, where gunmen killed two soldiers, military officials said.

The shooting occurred when the militants placed bombs in the road between Zinyibar and the port of Aden. After two hours of bombing, armed terrorists launched a military assault on where a rocket killed two soldiers and wounded three others who were taken to a hospital in Aden. The two Yemeni soldiers were killed and three others wounded by the explosion of an explosive device was placed under the car they were traveling on the road between Zinjibar and Aden.

Southern Yemen is becoming increasingly unstable. On Wednesday at dawn, dozens of gunmen, who would be linked to Al Qaeda, carried out an attack in the town of Huta, which targeted the security forces that killed two policemen and five others were wounded.

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