Monday, June 20, 2011

Refugees are growing in the world

The number of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons continues to grow worldwide. It reaches nearly 44 million people in 2010. Contrary to popular belief, 80% of these refugees are in developing countries, says UN agency for refugees (UNHCR) in a report, on the occasion of World Refugee Day. The note said "a serious imbalance in international support to uprooted people." "Developing countries host four-fifths of the refugees, at a time when hostility towards refugees is increasing in many industrialized countries," the report says.

Commenting on the concerns of European countries on an influx of migrants from North Africa, following the Arab spring, UNHCR has specified that "the vast majority of refugees" had remained in the region. The report stresses that the answers to these situations remain inadequate in the face of ongoing conflicts, plus now the threat of climate change, particularly noticeable in 2010.

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