Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yemen: Saleh was in a coma

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, was more seriously injured in the attack announced his palace in Sanaa, Friday, June 3 According to RFI, which citemercredi "a medical source close to the military hospital in Riyadh," the president would be burned at 40% and was in a coma. U.S. officials quoted by AP news agency, had said Tuesday that Mr.

Saleh would be severely burned and suffered internal bleeding in the head. Monday, surgeons have also removed from his chest wood splinters. For its part, the New York Times said that Mr. Saleh would also hit back. "His face was severely burned," said the American newspaper a Western diplomat who requested anonymity.

"The burns are serious, it does not go as well as his relatives contend" he adds. Saturday, sources close to the president told the BBC that the Head of State was second degree burn to the chest and the face, and a shrapnel nearly 8 inches had reached just below the heart. Ali Abdullah Saleh is currently hospitalized in Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, June 7, tens of thousands of young protesters marched in Sana'a against his return to power as quickly announced by the authorities. The New York Times says that investigators now are looking into the circumstances of the explosion in the presidential palace on Friday. While it was initially attributed to a shell fired from outside the headquarters, police now consider the hypothesis of one or more explosives placed directly into the mosque president, including in the minibar.

A Western diplomat, the bomb also contained highly flammable reagents that have affected the Yemeni president at the ceremony where it bowed.

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