Thursday, June 9, 2011

NATO reiterates that the intervention in Libya will last "as long as necessary"

The strikes are increasing in the western sky of Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi reiterated that he will "never submit" and NATO provided, Wednesday, June 8, it will continue its military intervention "as long as necessary". "We have intensified our efforts including the deployment of aircraft and attack helicopters and more are determined to continue our operation to protect the Libyan people," assured the defense ministers of the twenty-eight member countries in a joint statement.
Airplanes, helicopters and NATO involved in Libya for almost three months. Since the beginning of the week, powerful explosions shook the Libyan capital. Including the bombing targeted the residence of Colonel Qaddafi, a suburb of Tajoura (east of the capital) and the airport road (south of the capital), according to Libyan authorities, who speak more thirty deaths and "tens of wounded".

NATO has said he was not able to confirm the reality of the balance sheet given by the Libyan regime, while deploring the eventual death of civilians. On the ground, heavy fighting resumed in Misrata, said Hassan Al-Galal, a member of the media committee set up by the rebels in the major coastal city that had already been shelled and besieged for two months by government forces.

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