Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elephants kill a person and cause panic in India

Two wild elephants entered today in the southwestern Indian city, killing one person after causing panic among the population, local news agency IANS. The incident took place in Mysore in Karnataka state, where the elephants were for three hours at his free will before they were cut and tied to two trees.

According to State Minister of Higher Education, S. A Ramdas, the fatality, Renuka Prasad, was hit by the elephant when he left his house to find out what happened after hearing the shouting of the people on the street for the arrival of the animals. Ramdas said that one of the elephants and then went on a girls' school after breaking the fence that protected the compound, and the other entered a residential area in a market.

The elephants came from a forest near Mysore and authorities believe they broke into the city to find food increasingly scarce in the habitat reduced the town's urban growth has left them.

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