Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Syria: U.S., Spain and France condemn the repression

The United States "strongly condemns" the new violence that took place in Syria during the weekend, said Monday, June 13 the spokesman of the White House, Jay Carney. "(...) We strongly condemn the violence in Syria," Mr. Carney said at a press briefing on the plane Air Force One carrying President Barack Obama in North Carolina.

"President [Bashar Al-] Assad should initiate a political dialogue. A transition must take place. If Assad does not preside over the transition, then he must withdraw," he said the spokesperson. The Syrian army intervened in force to take control of Al-Jisr Choughour, a city northwest of the country to quell an unprecedented protest against the regime of Assad.

The majority of the 50,000 residents of Jisr Al-Choughour took refuge in Turkey since the violence erupted a week ago. Spain has also called for "immediate cessation of repression" in Syria, calling it "unacceptable" behavior of the Syrian authorities towards the population, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Spain condemns in the strongest terms the violent crackdown for more than two months by the Syrian regime against its people," the statement said, calling the violence "an immediate cease." "The events this weekend in Jisr Al-Choughour confirm the drift of the regime and are further evidence of the unacceptable behavior of the authorities to the demands of the population," the ministry said.

For its part, France's ambassador to the UN, Gerard Araud, stressed that the Security Council of the UN could not "make the silent accomplice" of the crackdown against demonstrators in Syria, in an interview journal brésilen Estadão Sao Paulo. "It's been two weeks since we discuss this text.

" The four European members of the Council (France, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal) have prepared a resolution condemning violence in Syria, saying they could be equated with "crimes against humanity." This resolution could meet between 9 and 11 votes, they said. But China and especially Russia, permanent members of the Security Council, have expressed their opposition to this text.

The Syrian foreign minister, Walid Moualem, said that the draft resolution against his country was "a gross interference in internal affairs of Syria and an attempt to destabilize it."

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