Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Argentina returned to the U.S. Argentina/EEUU.- the material seized in February in a military aircraft

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina 14 Jun. finally returned to the United States seized the material last February in a U.S. military plane, a case that led to a bitter misunderstanding between the two countries. The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires says in a statement that the incident has been "satisfactorily resolved." "The incident involving the retention of materials owned by the Government of the United States, related to a previous joint training activity planned and approved, that involuntary administrative failures, should be seized, has been satisfactorily resolved," are the words of the legation.

The material was intended for a training course that would offer U.S. military to the Federal Police of Argentina. The training program was suspended as a result of the scandal. The president, Barack Obama, came to demand the return of material. This consisted of a GPS, a gun, some gun accessories, expired pharmaceuticals and computer gadgets.

The chancellor, Héctor Timerman, suspected that the cargo included eavesdropping equipment or telephone interference, expired drugs or psychotropic drugs. Timerman was afraid that the landing at Ezeiza airport was part of an attempt to smuggle arms and undeclared drugs. In addition, the Argentine government denounced the lack of information on Washington's plans.

Obama felt that it was a bilateral issue "seriously." "There is no reason not to return it," he said, as he recalled the newspaper "Clarín". The case led to the opening of a court case finally filed to determine who had not committed any crime. Also attended a record in the customs administration.

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