Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obama warns against Netanyahu of "tactical disagreements" on the peace process

Although the links between the U.S. and its ally Israel to be "unbreakable," Obama warned that "tactical disagreements" could emerge in the coming months and that they threaten the American-Israeli relationship. Obama was speaking at an event organized by the "Democratic friends of Israel" to raise funds for the presidential campaign next year.

"The United States as Israel will have to look at this new landscape with new eyes," said the American president, referring to the change in the region gives diplomatic induced by the "Arab spring". "Keep doing the same things we do hope that this time it works, it will not be enough," he argued.

The Palestinians maintain the course towards an application for recognition of their state at the UN in September. Mr. Netanyahu has traced the end of May a series of red lines, demanding unconditional surrender of the Palestinians of East Jerusalem and the right of return for refugees, recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and the acceptance of an Israeli military presence .

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