Thursday, June 16, 2011

Argentina .- Three soldiers injured when an explosive device at a naval base Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina 16 Jun. Three soldiers were wounded Thursday when an explosive device in the armory of the Marines in the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, 30 kilometers from Bahía Blanca, as confirmed by military sources. The fact happened just after 9:00 local time (14.00 CET Spanish), when the number two of a battalion of Marines, Captain Maximilian Canepa, with two NCOs ran the armory, as reported by the Argentina Telam official agency.

The explosion would have occurred "at a time when those who would manipulate a missile or weapons," as stated by the head of Corporate Communications and Training Command Readiness Navy Captain Edward Pisciolari. However, he asserted that "causes" pop "are being investigated." Both John Canepa as NCOs and Marco Antonio Ruiz Díaz Giménez have suffered "minor injuries", so that, thereupon, have been transferred to the Puerto Belgrano Naval Hospital.

Gimenez Diaz and remain under observation, though, Canepa, who has been most affected, has "a deep wound on his forearm," but his life is "out of danger."

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