Thursday, June 16, 2011

Japan launches operation of large-scale search for missing tsunami

The Japanese government launched a new search operation on a large scale to try to find the remains of thousands of missing persons in areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March. According to public broadcaster NHK, about four thousand troops from the Police, the Self-Defense Forces (Army) and the Fire will tour until Saturday some of the towns hardest hit by the catastrophe in Miyagi Prefecture, and Ishinomaki, Kesennuma and Minami Sanriku.

Only in Miyagi there are about four thousand 700 missing, representing more than half of the seven thousand 718 people unaccounted for by the earthquake and tsunami, which also caused the worst nuclear crisis in 25 years and considerable material damage. It is estimated that Japanese insurers will face a payment in excess of one trillion yen (over 12 thousand 390 million dollars) in compensation to victims, according to data released by the local agency Kyodo.

So far we have paid a total of 974 000 500 000 000 yen (over 12 thousand 073 million dollars) in the earthquake insurance, which has covered 91.5 percent of the 668 thousand 773 complaints, detailed the agency. Saturday will be fulfilled one hundred days of the worst tragedy that Japan has experienced since the Second World War, which caused 15 000 441 718 dead and seven thousand missing, according to recent police data.

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