Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yemen: Saleh's departure is a highly symbolic defeat for the regime "

The struggle for power is bound for Yemen. While the opposition believes that the President objected, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was wounded in the attack Friday, June 3 cons of his palace and hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, no longer in a position to govern, his camp maintains that it is always a constitutional head of state.

Franck Mermier, researcher at CNRS and the French Institute of the Near East, the president can not exercise the power again. The changing political and security situation in the country depend, as a specialist in Yemen, the outcome of the conflict between the president's clan, led by his son and nephews who control the major security agencies, and its main Tribal and political opponents.

Hospitalization in Riyadh may indicate that his condition is more serious than willing to say Saudi officials, who said Sunday that the operation was completed successfully and should return to Sanaa "after two weeks of convalescence ". Leaving the hospital so quickly seems compromised.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh will also probably ensure its security by leaving his country after being attacked in his palace. Above all, his transfer to Saudi Arabia allows him to leave office in a less shameful than signing a letter of resignation or a leak, saying forced by health reasons.

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