Wednesday, June 8, 2011

North Korea tested a short-range missile last week

North Korea tested a short-range missile off the coast of the Yellow Sea (West Sea) in the middle of last week, said sources with the South Korean secret service cited by the local agency Yonhap. "North Korea fired a short-range missile KN-06 on its west coast in the middle of last week," said the source, who also added that the Communist army appears to pursue an improvement in the effectiveness of these missiles.

South Korean secret services believe that the North Korean Army hopes to increase the range of these missiles since last year, with the intention to accelerate its entry into service. The release of last week would be the first trial of its kind conducted by the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-il for 19 months after that in October 2009, the communist army fired on a trial five-to-surface missiles-KN 02 from its eastern coast.

The missile test last week coincides with recent warnings from Pyongyang to respond with real fire at South Korean provocations, while threatening to cut military communication lines between the two countries by the attitude of South Korean President Lee Myung -bak. North Korea had been willing to dialogue with South Korea since early this year, following two serious attacks in 2010 from Seoul accuses Pyongyang Koreans and caused 50 deaths.

The lack of agreement on how to address these two incidents, for which Seoul calls for a formal apology from Pyongyang have failed the tentative rapprochement between the two countries last held secretly in May in Beijing.

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