Wednesday, May 11, 2011

UN .- UN launches global plan to prevent about 5 million deaths in road accidents by 2020

MADRID, 11 May. The United Nations on Wednesday launched the initiative "Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 ', a proposal to the United Nations countries agree to take measures to prevent about 5 million deaths and 50 million injuries serious until 2020. Coinciding with the launch of this strategy, on Wednesday several emblematic places and monuments around the world, like Times Square in New York, El Cristo de Rio de Janeiro or Trafalgar Square in London, will illuminate the new 'label' road safety a yellow plate that reads the name of the plan and will serve as a symbol of the challenge.

Nearly 1.3 million people die each year on the roads worldwide, representing more than 3,000 victims a day, a circumstance that has made this problem in the ninth leading cause of death worldwide and, according to UN estimates if not taken immediate and effective measures, these incidents could become the short term the fifth leading cause of death.

Road deaths is not the same in all countries. In fact, 90 percent of deaths occurs in low-income countries and middle, where less than half of the registered vehicles worldwide. According to the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, "Today the countries and communities are making decisions vital to saving lives on the streets and highways." "Traffic accidents are a growing health and development concern that affects all countries, the Decade provides a framework to enhance the response." In addition to these deaths, causing road crashes between 20 and 50 million nonfatal injuries each year.

In many countries, emergency services and other services for victims of trafficking are "inadequate, according to WHO, which ensures that these injuries preventable raise the saturation of the health services. PROTECT PEDESTRIANS, CYCLISTS AND MOTORISTS This comprehensive plan shows the steps to improve safety on roads and in vehicles, increasing and improving emergency services and developing a road safety management across the board.

also recommended to increase and strengthen legislation on the use of helmets, seat security and restrictions on children, and avoid drinking and driving and reduce speed at the wheel. Currently, only 15 percent of countries have comprehensive laws addressing all these factors. This initiative places special emphasis on protecting vulnerable groups such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, groups representing nearly half the people killed on roads worldwide.

Among the measures proposed are the construction of roads for cyclists and pedestrians, create separate lanes for bikes or improve access to safe public transport. THE SPANISH CASE In Spain, in recent years there has been progress in road safety, so that it has gone from 143 deaths per million inhabitants in 2000 to 59 in 2010.

Recently, the Government has approved the Road Safety Strategic Plan 2011-2020 for Spain, which establishes a series of measures that will put into practice the next few years to achieve the goal of 37 million people died of traffic accidents in 2020 . Coinciding with the launch of the UN plan various associations have made their own proposals for the coming years.

Thus, from the Spanish Road Association (AEC) believes that the UN plan is "the best time to make a further twist in the security policy in Spain and have warned that" the infrastructure factor, and especially to keep in good conventional routes, will be "crucial" to ensure continuing decline of deaths.

For its part, the Association of Traffic Accident Prevention (TAP) has joined the UN initiative and it is hoped that in the next decade "is set first on the life and physical integrity of persons." "Do not forget the values of respect for life and others, personal and social responsibility for our actions, commitment to building a better and fairer society and the recognition of victims and their families," said the association.

Meanwhile, the Spanish Foundation for Traffic Safety (Fesvial) pointed out that road safety is "everybody's business" and during the decade of action for road safety, must be "a primary objective to integrate all actors" involved in reduction in casualties.

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