Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Libyan rebels say they have made significant progress in Misrata

The rebels Misrata city in western Libya, have made major advances in several fronts, said Saddum to Misrati, committee information Misrata, newly arrived in Benghazi. For the first time in more than two-month battle for control of the city against the forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the rebels have managed to move their positions on the outskirts of the city on the western front, according Misrati.

"Our men have pushed back the troops of Gadhafi and positioned beyond the town center for the first time," he said. Government troops are currently deployed on the outskirts of Misrata, since two weeks ago withdrew from the center of the city, which have been blocking and besieged for over two months.

Moreover, the rebels also are holding their positions and obtaining progress in the battle for control of the civilian airport, located south of Misrata, while the airport remains in the hands of military forces Gadhafi said the rebel representative. "The control of the airport is very important and although not yet fully assured, the revolutionary forces are fighting and resisting well," said spokesman Misrata in Benghazi.

He said that NATO has been very active in the last last 48 hours in the skies of Misrata, which has bombed gadhafistas positions, especially east of the city, where the Libyan Army was bombing the port. Government troops have intensified in the past two weeks the bombing of the port, which is the only path to Misrata, limiting the arrival of ships and therefore supplies the third city of Libya.

Misrati said yesterday bombed the area where the refugee camps, which shows, in its view that the scheme directly targeted civilians in the city, which suffers gadhafistas indiscriminate shelling of inhabited areas.

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