Monday, May 9, 2011

NATO intensifies bombing Zinta and Misurata

NATO planes bombing intensified weapons depots Moammar Gadhafi troops in the western cities of Zinta and Misurata, where bloody battles fought between the forces of the Libyan regime and rebels. The aviation Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), destroyed weapons and ammunition depots near the rebel city of Zinta and hours later attacked areas of the port and airport of Misurata, on Monday still under bombardment.

"NATO attack (...) weapons caches in an area that is about 30 miles southeast of Zinta. We heard a loud explosion. I think the shells hit attack, "said rebel spokesman Zinta, Abdulrahman, was quoted by Al Jazeera. In the last 24 hours, NATO has destroyed 32 tanks ammunition, five rocket launchers and other military installations Gadhafi.

Since last March 31 when NATO took command of the operation in Libya, their planes have made 822 flights over five thousand Libyan territory, including 326 two thousand combat. The rebel spokesman also said that NATO attacked Gadhafi positions in an area east of the city of Misurata, where the Syrian regime's troops and rebels fought fierce clashes near the airport and the School of the Air Force.

The NATO attack in Misurata comes a day after Libyan leader's forces bombed the fuel tanks that supply the city, worsening the humanitarian crisis in that state. On Sunday, government troops used small planes to bomb Misurata, violating the air exclusion zone imposed on Libya by resolution 1973 of the Security Council of the United Nations.

The port city of Misurata is considered key in efforts to resist the rebels because it is the last city in the west of the country they control. However, two months ago, access to Misurata, the third most populous in Libya, is cut by Gadhafi troops, while the port is the single point of contact with the outside city.

Gadhafi forces seek to recover the parts of the country that have lost to the rebels who control much of the eastern region and some mountain villages on the western border and the same Misurata. Fighting in Misurata have spread to the western mountains in the west, near the border with Tunisia, where thousands of people have crossed to escape the bombing of Gadhafi.

Meanwhile, fighting in other parts of Libya have stalled, so that the rebels retain control of the eastern city of Benghazi and other cities in the east, while Tripoli and other cities are in the hands of Gadhafi forces .

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