Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morocco is entering a new era

Morocco will not longer be a quasi-absolute monarchy, although in practice not as authoritarian, but also will become a European-style parliamentary monarchy. You'll be halfway there. King Mohamed VI, 47, delivered a speech tonight in which he presented the new Constitution, which provides a cut of his powers and an increase in the Government and Parliament.

Specifically, the king must choose the prime minister, to be named Prime Minister, within the parliamentary majority. This will now appoint the ministers, senior officials, directors of public companies and ambassadors, although some of these positions require the approval of the sovereign.

The king loses its "sacred" and will only be "inviolable".However, it continues to hold the title of Commander of the Faithful, that is, the spiritual leader of Muslims. Religious matters remain within its exclusive competence. Although "Islam is state religion", Article 41 of the Constitution stipulates that the king "is the guarantor of freedom of religious practice".

The monarch also maintain its authority under the military and foreign policy. An organic law shall develop later this constitutional provision.

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