Monday, May 30, 2011

Beijing deploys its security forces in Inner Mongolia

The Chinese authorities have deployed, Monday, May 30, important security forces in the region of Inner Mongolia, where calls to demonstrate circulating among members of the Mongolian ethnic minority, said an NGO and journalists from the on place. Events of a magnitude unprecedented Mongols claiming their rights have occurred last week in this autonomous region, according to the Information Centre on Human Rights in Southern Mongolia, an organization based in the States USA.

Universities and public spaces outdoors were banned from several cities, fearing the power to Beijing more than any protest rallies in the spirit of movements which have stirred recent months the Arab world. "The current situation is difficult here," said a uniformed police officer outside a school in Xilinhot, seat of the authorities of the region Xilingol.

According to two people, students in this school, in which the journalists' have not given permission to enter, have participated in recent demonstrations. The Mongolians began protests Monday, May 23 in several places in the region to protest against the death May 10 of a shepherd, run over by a vehicle driven by a Han, the dominant ethnic group in China.

The incident occurred when the shepherd named Mergen and other breeders were trying to block a convoy of trucks carrying coal in the region of Xilingol, where mining lands hunting Mongolian herders, destroying pastures , the NGO mentioned. On Friday, three hundred riot police clashed with hundreds of protesters, students and shepherds, in the banner of Shuluun Huh (Zhenglanqi in Chinese).

A banner is the equivalent, in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, a district in a Chinese province.

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