Saturday, June 11, 2011

Syria condemns proposal stalls in the Council of the UN Security

.- The negotiations on the draft resolution submitted by the countries of the European Union () to condemn the regime's repression of protesters stalled today in the Security Council, so that the vote be delayed until the next week. This was explained to European diplomatic sources, who spoke of "locking" of the draft resolution by Russia and China, permanent members with veto power, as well as India, Brazil and South Africa, temporary members.

These countries now hold consultations on the text that France, Britain, Germany and Portugal presented this week and on which the Security Council has held several meetings at expert level in recent days. Those sources explained that the vote on the text could be delayed until the end of next week.

At the same time, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has been unable to get on the phone with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad this week, according to the press today acknowledged his spokesman, Martin Nesirky, who indicated that their calls went unheeded. "European countries see with surprise that states are democratic state and whose values we do not doubt for one second do not wish to condemn the brutal repression that takes place in Syria, diplomatic sources said consulted by, who did not hide the unease among the European delegations in this regard.

From now on, said the sources, the diplomatic efforts in the Council will focus on persuading South Africa, India and Brazil that "do not have to remain the shield over the hidden China and Russia to pursue its refusal to condemn the Assad regime. "That these countries choose to abstain or vote against it would be a de facto support to Russia and China used their veto power," explained the sources, who detailed the Europeans still hope that South Africa, India and Brazil to review its position "given that they are states that want a greater role in the Council in the future." The European proposal does not set the sentencing sanctions and has the backing of at least nine of the fifteen members of the Council, including the United States.

However, China argues that the fact that the Security Council's involvement in the Syrian conflict will not help resolve the situation, a view shared by Russia, whose UN representatives have said repeatedly that there is no reason for the court order the Assad regime. The draft resolution calls on European countries, British diplomatic sources said an "immediate cessation of violence" and the "lifting of the siege of the city under siege" by the security forces, as well as condemning "the systematic abuse human rights.

" She also requested that steps be taken to respond "to the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, including reforms to allow genuine political participation, a full dialogue and effective use of fundamental freedoms." The Syrian regime has violently suppressed the protests of civilian demonstrators who for several months produced in this country and it is estimated that victims of this repression could be around a thousand people.

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