Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Freedom Flotilla 2 ready to sail "The Israelis will not stop us"

This will run in two or three days - the appointment is set to off Crete between Thursday and Friday - the boats of the pro-Palestinian activists the "Freedom Flotilla" determined to force the Israeli naval blockade and reach the Gaza Strip. The departure of the mission, reduced the number of participants and boats after the "withdrawal" of Turkish activists dell'Ihh, was delayed from week to week.

The exact date of departure of the flotilla is somehow holding "covered" by the organizers. For days in Israel there is alarm about the new mission, after the tragic events that marked the last year in May, when Israeli commandos stormed a ferry Mavi Marmara causing nine deaths among the passengers engaged in a battle with the soldiers on the bridge determined to prevent the arrival of the boats in the Gaza Strip under siege for three years.

This year, the Israeli authorities have not taken off guard and made several exercises have been made in water to simulate the blocking of vessels without the use of lethal weapons. The small Israeli Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given clear directives to the naval command: stop "with determination the Freedom Flotilla 2" and act "as far as possible, minimizing the clash with those who are on board the ships" .

So Israel does not intend to change its position in the naval convoy will be denied access to Gaza by sea. And 'leaked the news that the Israeli government has reached an agreement with the Egyptian for "hijack" the boats to the port of El Arish (50 kilometers from the border with Gaza) and then possibly to continue humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip by land through Rafah.

Or alternatively, is preparing to offer the Flotilla to reach the Israeli port of Ashdod (10 km from Gaza), where the aid could be landed to be checked and then allowed to enter through the Erez border crossing - the only one left in the function. The will of the activists seem to be to force the blockade of Gaza, as confirmed during a press conference in Athens.

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