Friday, July 1, 2011

Hugo Chavez had surgery for cancer in Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, acknowledged Thursday, June 30, have been operated on for a cancerous tumor in Cuba, but he assured that he was recovering favorably. Chavez was speaking in a message read to the nation in Havana and broadcast by all Venezuelan radio and television. "The reviews have confirmed the existence of a tumor with cancer cells which necessitated a second operation that allowed the complete removal of the tumor," said the head of state, saying they hope to recover fully.

Aged 56, the President of the First South American oil power, leader of the radical left in Latin America is Cuba, where he was rushed to hospital on June 10, in full official visit to pelvic abscess, an accumulation of pus in the lower abdomen. The silence since then on his condition and his prolonged absence from Venezuela have fueled the rumors, citing a plastic surgery or a political ploy to help get back before the 2012 presidential election.

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