Friday, July 1, 2011

Strauss-Kahn would be released "The maid has lied repeatedly"

Dominique Straus Kahn could go free today. The sensational breakthrough came a few days before the start of the process by which investigators are dramatically reversed, and now reveal: the waitress who accused him lied repeatedly. Prosecutors no longer holds and the scandal that has made you lose your place in the director of the fund could be a hoax.

There was sex. On this beginning, the defense was clear. But the accusation of rape is now wavering. The New York Times, the attorney was divided into allegations of Ophelia, which would fall in contradiction more than once. So this morning the man who pointed the Élysée but now risked 70 years in prison on charges most infamous, will appear again in court in Manhattan for a retrial.

And probably go back to freedom,

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