Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chavez reappears after 12 days on Twitter

Hugo Chavez spare sunrise today. After 12 days of silence, and after having undergone emergency surgery on June 10 in Havana, Venezuelan President reappeared through the social network Twitter. "Good day my candangueros! Today is my Army day dawned bright and the sun! What a huge hug to my soldiers and my people loved you" Chavez wrote in the early hours of Friday morning in his account @chavezcandanga.

And immediately on your timeline retuits showered, some with blessings, wishing his soon return "to the homeland." Chavez has been out since June 5 when he began a tour of Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba. On 8 landed in Havana. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro appeared on national television to announce, without giving details, that the president commander had undergone that afternoon because of a "pelvic abscess." There have been no official medical reports since then and the date of Chavez's return remains uncertain.

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