Sunday, June 26, 2011

The EU is launching a new anti-smoking campaign: "Former smokers are irresistible"

The European Union launches new anti-smoking campaign. Objective: To help ex-smokers not to fall into the trap of the cigarette and the youngest ever to not turn it on. In the viewfinder also new products such as "smokeless cigarettes" sold airplanes, flavorings added to the tobacco and advertising. The European Commission has no doubts: "Former smokers are irresistible." This is the title of the ambitious three-year campaign carried out with a budget of 16 million only for the first year, he wants to deal a blow to smoking in Europe.

According to Brussels, about 80 thousand adults, including almost 20 thousand non-smokers, died only in 2002 (when member states were 15), because of diseases caused by exposure to tobacco smoke at home or at work.

The EU anti-smoking campaign revolves around an online platform called "iCoach", available in all EU languages, suggests that the various steps needed to stop smoking or to avoid falling back into vice. And to set an example of the European Union will be its own employees, invitees "strongly" to follow the anti-smoking campaign.

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