Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama urges immediate cease-fire in Sudan region

President Barack Obama urged the leaders of Sudan and southern Sudan for an immediate ceasefire in the disputed region of South Kordofan, after signing an agreement to reduce tensions in that area. Obama warned that if the government of Sudan continues its campaign of bombings against civilians and harassment of UN peacekeepers (UN), this will result in greater international isolation.

Tensions were created after the Sudanese army occupied the city in May oil Abyei, located in the South, rejecting the appeals of the UN to leave. Under a referendum conducted in January Sudan was divided into two states: the Muslim majority in the North and the Southern Christian faith, which proclaimed its independence on July 9.

Obama praised an agreement signed Monday in Addis Ababa, but urged two sides to build on this progress and to agree an immediate ceasefire.

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