Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Italy defends the Freedom Flotilla 2

The Italian Association of Democratic Lawyers is extremely concerned about the possibility of new violent and illegal actions by the Israeli armed forces against the Freedom Flotilla 2 of solidarity with Gaza, which, as little more than a year ago, innocent victims and determine vulnerable to serious new international law.

As clearly established by the Commission of Inquiry created by the United Nations after the serious events of last year, Israel's action on that occasion violated various provisions of international law. In particular, as stated in paragraph 262 of the Commission of Inquiry report, the aggression by Israeli navy, with all the evidence, constituted an illegal act.

Paragraph 264 specifies that it was not just act out of proportion, but unjustifiably violent and brutal, would constitute a serious violation of international law of human rights and humanitarian matters. The blockade of Gaza and the indiscriminate punishment of the civilian population that it represents are also serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights of the people involved.

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